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Forum & server rules

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Forum & server rules Empty Forum & server rules

Post  John Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:41 am

Forum rules

1. No racism/pornography/nazism
2. No disrespecting
3. No spam/flood
4. No double posting
5. Only post if you have something to say, else don't bother bother posting
6. Respect all members

Server rules

1. No deathmatching (= killing people without a proper roleplay reason)
2. No powergaming (= using objects you do not have IC)
3. No metagaming (= taking advantage of OOC information IC)
4. Always respect the admins, no matter what. (= this is a OOC matter)
5. No drive-by as driver, but you may drive-by as passenger
6. No bug exploiting (= using a bug in-game on purpose to gain advantage)
7. Report all bugs you find with the command
8. Flaming or spamming OOC is forbidden and should not be done
9. Any kind of hacks results in a permanent ban
10. Mods are allowed as long it doesn't give you advantages
11. No carjacking unless roleplayed properly
12. Roleplay at all times

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